Jack and Cathy Robertson's 65th Wedding Anniversary

August 3, 1952, Jack Cecil Robertson and Catherine Cox tied the knot at College Hill Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, OK. Yowza! That's 65 years ago!! To honor this rare, very special occasion, I thought it'd be cool to do an anniversary card shower. The old fashioned kind you actually send through the mail! It's not going to be so much of a surprise you need to send the cards to another address, but more the kind of surprise each time the mail is brought in as it gets closer to the anniversary date they start to realize "something's going on here".

So, please, if you are so inclined, find a card that jumps out at you as "The One" and send it to arrive early August to the following address:

Jack and Cathy Robertson

7 Green View Circle

Richardson, TX 75081

It's hard to believe after spending the first 23 years moving all across the country, they've actually lived in this house for 42 years!

Thanks for helping the parents celebrate 65 years of marriage :)


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